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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Oh my, can't believe it's been so long since I posted.  I don't spend much time on my computer unless I am creating a craft or coming up with some ideas for something or another.  Especially when I can get email, pintrest, coupons, pandora, games, Facebook etc… on my phone.

Our family had a great time this Thanksgiving and Christmas season visiting with family and friends.  We spent a lot of time this year at our River home and playing in the desert with sand rails and in the water with our sea-doos. Life sometimes feel like it is in fast forward motion.  JJ will be entering middle school next year and Makayla will be 9 in a couple of days.  Tyler has leaned out considerably and is riding his two wheeler around like he owns the road and my little guy is 4 1/2 and acts like he is pre-teen talking like my oldest-so funny sometimes and a bit irritating other times.

I'm still up to my usual stuff: volunteering at the kids' school (Art Masterpiece, FTO, Teacher help) and playing with my cricut creating stuff for home and family, having one project after another, baking goodies and sewing when I get a chance.  I never seem to not have anything on my to-do list.  I have a Kindle now and reading one book after another when I get some down time.  Our kids have taking a liking to board games and many nights we sit around and play, it's quite enjoyable and it's a great teaching tool about being a good sport.  I've been called the Primary Chorister in our Ward (church), and at first I was scared to death.  Now I think I have it under control and it seems to run a little smoother.  My next project-Makayla's birthday party-Frozen themed-wish me luck-photos to follow!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So my little niece (Rosa's Daughter) came a bit earlier than planned.  She was born on Feb 21st, when her due date was March 10th.  She only weighed 5 lbs, 7 oz, and almost 19 inches long.  She was a tiny little thing. Her name is Danika Jordan.  Oh she is so beautiful and such a good baby.  I could cuddle her forever, of course her mom as well as her big brother wouldn't like that-lol.  What a beautiful addition to the family!!!

Talk about spring cleaning...

Okay so I have this cleaning bug, as I would like to call it for now.  I have been obsessed with organizing and cleaning my house from room to room.  I don't know why this has taken over, but it has.  I have even gone through my kitchen cabinets (where tons of candy lies hidden behind shelf items-shhh). And arranged and re-arranged things-I guess to my liking, but have yet to tell.  The drive kinda feels like that energy rush you get right before you go into labor when having children-but nope I'm not pregnant, but loving the energy boosts!!!  It could be from eating better, which I am doing with only 2 trips to the kitchen cabinets a day, verses lets say 4-6 times-ha, ha.  But I believe it could be from the beautiful weather and wonderful sunshine.  I open my doors and windows and let the breezes in and it seems to reviatilize me.  Anywho-go clean!!! Yay!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New life adds perspective

Bustling news of arrivals and expected arrivals are coming from both sides of our family, and girls for that matter as well.  Such a change from years before where it was mainly one boy after another, and mostly from me-ha, ha.  With all this news of new little ones, I am taken back to when I was expecting my own; all the excitement in meeting your child, wonderment around who they will look like, and trying to find the perfect name that will fit them.  There is some things that a mother longs for, even after making a decision to no longer have more children, it's the newness of it all.  I don't miss those long nights with a colic baby or one that is sick, or one that has a sleep schedule turned upside down.  But the tender moments in those nights that make you feel like super woman where you know they depend on you and this calling is one that you will not take lightly.  All the firsts are an awesome experience that maybe memory of the exact moment may fade, but that feeling never.  I am truly excited for my sisters on both sides and very eager to be involved as much as needed and allowed. I can't wait to meet these little darlings and share in witnessing all the newness they will bring to their family as well as our extended family.  Congrats to Sammy for little Clair and Rosa for her soon to be arrival.
On Saturday we had a baby shower for my sister Rosa.  Her daughter is expected to arrive sometime in early March.  We are so excited as a family about it.  It is always funny that at baby showers, in one way or another, we have mother's sharing pregnancy and delivery day stories.  It's like we've gone off to war, and I guess in a way we have.  We venture out into this unknown with our first pregnancy, not understanding how our bodies will react to carrying a child.  Some of us are fortunate and have little issues.  Others struggle just staying pregnant and do all they can to keep thier child safe.  Then we reach the stage of delivery.  We use the wisdom of those who have gone before us to gauge our territory, wondering if the feelings we are feeling are normal or inflated.  Then the words come back to us, "You will understand when the time comes." And surprise you do.  I find it interesting that we as women lean on eachother for understanding and support, I think God made us this way, to help us know we are loved and cared for.  As I listened to all the chatter, one comment stuck with me.  There was a woman with us that has two little grand-children.  She was talking to another grandmother-to-be (her 1st) and was saying that being a grandmother is much more fun than being a mother, and sometimes she feels she loves these little ones probably more than her own children.  I reflected on this comment and can see the truth in that.  Although I know she loves her children dearly, a grandchild can truly supply the balm to one that seeks the newness in what an infant can bring.  With each arrival they bring innocence, and pure love.  How can a grandmother not love something so precious and beautiful and know that through her choice she made many years before, this little darling is here.  So I agree in her statement and look forward (many years down the road), to seeing my own grandchildren and the love they will be in my life one day. 

Carter's morning routine

So my son is now 2 1/2 yrs old.  My little baby is growing up.  So sad to see it happen, but it has to happen sometime I guess.  At least he is still cuddly, and allows me to hold him close.  Little by little he's becoming a little spitfire, and has warmed to Jason considerably.  He doesn't mind much knowing that I am sometimes gone at night and daddy is putting him to sleep, or hanging out with daddy because mommy has to run a quick errand.  It makes me kinda sad that I can't claim to be his favorite anymore, but I saw it coming.  Happened with all my kiddos-ha, ha.  Well now my little guy is a walking, talking and functioning toddler.  He is in potty training mode and has been rewarded with "Mickey" underwear (if you don't remember-he loves Mickey!).  Every morning you can hear his little voice, "Mommy is it morning time?", as a way to receive permission to leave his bed.  That is so cute and makes my heart melt. 
One morning, a few days back at 4am, that little voice asked his waking question.  I quickly walked into his room, told him the sun wasn't awake yet at it was still time to sleep.  Little guy questioned me and wanted proof that the rest of the household was still asleep-silly guy.  So here I was at 4 am walking my toddler room to room to investigate and discover that yes, all were still asleep except for exhausted mom and him.  I gently laid him down, covered him with his Mickey blanket, kissed and sang him a song.  And told him goodnight.  He quickly fell right back to sleep-and so did I.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Makayla's birthday and party

  My little girl is 7 now.  Wow, where does the time fly??  She is an imaginative girl and I like to give her opportunities to explore her imagination.  Her birthday was no exception.  For her birthday night she chose to go bowling, so we tied on the bowling shoes and had a blast on the lanes.  We met some friends there, so that made the night even more special.  For her party she created an interesting theme...Barbie?, no...Hello Kitty?, no...Princess?, no...nope, she decided on a Teddy Bear Picnic theme with pajama's to boot (she's a pj girl to the core-home from school, pj's on!).  We thought about the Build-a-Bear option, but too many friends, not willing to spend that amount of money.  So we set out for a house party.  We lined the walls with butcher paper and painted them like a park.  We laid tablecloths on the floor for the picnic effect, and each of the girls received a teddy bear ear headband (to be in disguise per the song-Teddy Bear Picnic).  We made a beehive pinata and the cake was decorated with teddy bears.  I believe the kids had fun, and Makayla said she loved it. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas to New Years-tons of family, tons of fun!

   Holiday time means together time for family.  Ours was no exception.  Our house seem to be booming from the amount of foot traffic we got, but this time of year-the more the merrier.  I believe we had two days of present opening depending on who was or wasn't here and when.  I think that added to the holiday fun for the kids. 
   The kids..there were so many kids...ha, ha.. 
   On Christmas Eve-prior to cookie mania-we went to a wonderful dinner at my sister's home.  It was delicious, and I came to understand we have such different traditions, even though we grew up in the same home.  We still carry some childhood memories into our own family, but it is nice to branch out on our own to make these present Christmases ours.  I respect her traditions as she does mine. My older sister and family showed up Christmas Eve-after cookie mania-and was able to share in the holiday excitement of Christmas morning (4:30 AM!!).    
   Of course Sunday was Christmas, but also church for us.  Luckily it was only an hour long for this special holiday, but I was able to bring home the special spirit from that meeting, even after the hustle and bustle of the early morning unwrapping brigade.  We had a wonderful dinner with family and toasted the holiday with sparkling cider. 
   By Tuesday our home was empty, except for a niece that stayed to spend some time with us.  Wednesday I declared a stay-at-home-in-pj's day and that's what I did-nothing!!!  I was spent.  On Thursday I took the kids to Parker to visit with my Mom and Dad since my Dad wasn't able to join the festivities because of work.  They had a blast with Grandpa-he took them to the hills (some of my favorite memories as a kid) and they collected mounds of rocks.  I helped my mother in the home and waited for my kiddos to come home. Friday came and along with it, Jason's sister and her family of 7!  They rang in the new year with us, and it was so much fun having them here.  The kids had their ups and downs, but overall got along great.  We chatted lots, and the kids played many games.  On New Year's Eve we lit some fireworks and sparklers with our sisters' and family.  The kids wanted more and more sparklers, we couldn't keep up..ha, ha.
    As I think of all the family that has passed through in the last few weeks, I notice that we are each an individual personality.  Yet without that personality, the family would not be complete.  They each bring something special to our lives, and I am truly blessed to have them share some memories with my family.
(don't ask about the formatting of pictures-the stinking pictures couldn't make up their minds.)



Holiday goodies!!

   I love to bake.  My poor kitchen has seen so much activity this holiday season. I was able to compile and distribute my holiday treats to some family friends, along with some that were gluten-free.  I believe at one time I had piles of cookies, a stack of loaf breads, different types of fudge and bags of holiday mixes.  Jason said that the kitchen looked like my personal craft room-ha, ha.  After the completion of that creativity flow, I cleaned in time to prepare my kitchen for finishing our Gingerbread creation.  Then there it was-Christmas Eve-back to the kitchen for sugar cookie mania.  My kids love to cut out the shapes, and I transfer them to the pan to bake.  As soon as they are cooled, I slab on some white frosting and they go at them with a variety of frosting decor and sprinkles of different types.  It's a messy fun, and sometimes sticky, but we have a blast!  This year, my youngest found it refreshing if he took all his clothes off and decorated in his diaper.  Tried to get clothes on him, but wanted to keep the peace and smiles more than breaking the fun to push the issue (so there are pics with my half-naked son-be  We also had the priviledge of having my mom (Rosa-aka Grandma) there to join in the fun. After the fun we sat and talked about the meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.  We read the story from the Bible, and talked about the nativity scene and closed with a prayer. Then, each kiddo got to pick his/her favorite creation to give to Santa as a present and place it on Santa's cookie plate. Then with a glass of milk it was time for bed...that was hard to calm anticipation of the next day...but by 9:30-they were down.


Dec 16th-Last day of school for 2011 and Christmas Parties!!

   Oh my..what was I thinking jumping around like this all day?? But I got it done-yep...3 Christmas parties in one day.  I wasn't going to go without the holiday spirit in mind either-nope.  I'm a mom and it's my duty to try to embarrass my kiddos-at least that is what I told JJ (my oldest at 8) when he mocked my clothes I showed him I was going to be wearing.  I believe his comment (said in dramatic whines) was as follows, "Please Mom, don't wear those (my antler headband) and that (my light up blinking necklace) tomorrow-you are going to totally embarrass me." So I showed up with a green Santa and Sleigh with Rudolph shirt, sporting my headband and my blinking light necklace to boot. Ha, ha!! Wish I took a picture-I looked pretty darn
    Makayla's class had a very fun Christmas party early in the day.  They made trains out of marshmallows and candy with frosting to serve as the glue-yummy!!  Her teacher also had tables set up for Holiday games and art, and another table to make snowmen (again out of marshmallows).  It was a great party and the kids seem to really enjoy themselves.  They liked my get-up too.
     Next stop was to pick up Carter from my sister's house-she watched him while I was at Makayla's party-then, off to Tyler's preschool holiday show.  The kids from his preschool already enjoyed in a 2 hour Christmas party with crafts and goodies, and the last remaining part was to perform for the parents their much practiced holiday songs. They were so cute with the handmade antler's they were wearing singing those songs with so much gusto-it was great.  After the show his preschool was dismissed and I bolted off to drop the boys (Carter and Tyler) back with my sister so I may attend JJ's party.
      So I go in to "embarrass" JJ and low and behold his friends were so cool about the whole thing and thought that I was cool to be wearing such fun stuff-then JJ figured they were right and joined in approving of my "style".  Funny kid.  That party was crazy.  So many 3rd graders full of food and sweets, plus it was pajama day for theirr class.  Shortly after inhaling all the goodies the teacher thought it would be a good idea to send them out to run some of that energy off.  They made a few crafts like holiday cards to the parents and tree ornaments, but third graders get done with that stuff in a jiffy if there are snacks around. 
     The day was jam-packed, and at the end of the day I get fully sugar charged kids-so much fun (sarcastic remark to those who need a clarification).  Anywho-let the holiday vacation begin!
Makayla sporting my antlers

Piano Recital & Santa Claus

    December is definitely full of so many things to do!! Makayla and JJ have been taking piano lessons now for over a year, and Christmas songs are some of their favorites to play.  They had an informal recital at a nursing home and played a few songs each.  Makayla's favorite was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and JJ's was We Wish You A Merry Christmas. They played a duet as well, and did a great job. 
    Later that night, we went to our ward Christmas party where the kids and I participated in service projects.  The kids made Christmas cards and Christmas decorations that would go along with some boxes of food.  They also assisted in putting together some birthday bags that would go to foster children which included cake mixes and party supplies. When the service was done we all dug in for dinner and awaited the ever so jolly elf himself...Santa.  Each of the kids had a chance to speak with him. Jj is beginning to feel that he is getting a little old to be sitting on Santa's lap, but I requested it, since it may be the last time he does, so I could get a picture. 
    It was a great day, and the kids and I left with knowing that we were able to help make others happy this season and on their special day as well.